What Accreditation Means To You

Accreditation recognizes the importance of furthering your education and colleges are much more likely to recognize a diploma earned from an accredited high school. Accredited schools are recognized education that can provide you with the right credentials and give you a more competitive advantage over other candidates and can help you land your dream job.

Benefits of a College Education

Inner Growth - College education makes you grow and develop —both personally and intellectually. The main point of pursuing higher education is to further your learning and gain additional knowledge that you probably wouldn’t have acquired otherwise. University-educated people build new knowledge for humankind's progress and growth.

Better Preparation for your Careers - Many careers—like becoming a doctor, a scientist, a teacher, and more—require a certain level of education and specific skills. Going to college is a great way to become qualified for these types of jobs and prepare you for a career in a certain specialized field. 

Better Pay - The higher the qualification the higher the wages. While it’s not true for each specific case, studies show that college graduates consistently outearn individuals without a degree. Over the course of a lifetime, a Bachelor’s Degree is worth more in income on average than that earned by a high school graduate.  

Florida Dept. of Education

ABHS is officially registered with the Florida Department of Education and can be found in the Florida private school directory. The school code for Ambrose Bay is 7598.

Our College Prep Standard High School Diploma with Transcripts includes the required 24 credits in accordance with Florida Statues 1003.4282; for a standard Florida High School Diploma.


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