Benefits & Features

Fully Accredited High School

Ambrose Bay High School is a nationally and regionally accredited online high school recognized by the Distance Education Adult Learning Council (DEALC). This certifies that our school delivers on the promise of a top quality education that meets the highest established standards for high schools nationwide.

Accreditation is a mark of excellence and high standards. Earning a diploma from one of America’s respected regionally and nationally accredited online high schools shows colleges and prospective employers that you are serious about your education.

Geared To Graduation

It's a tough world out there. But when you earn a high school diploma with the help of Ambrose Bay High School, you'll find it easier to discover your place in the world. It's time to get high school out of the way, and get on with your life.

Affordable Education

Affordability is highly important to most people. Many of our students pay as little as $50.00 a month and the full four-year cost can be as low as $139.00 saving you hundreds and even thousands off your tuition. Your low cost tuition covers everything you need, from eBooks to study guides, exams, to expert academic assistance. Enroll in our online high school education anytime and start where you left off in the 9th through 12th grades, taking only the courses you need to graduate, or simply just start fresh if you don’t have a high school diploma.

Self Paced and Supportive

As an ABHS student, you can easily balance work, study and family life. Got a job? Have kids at home? Treasure your free time? No worries. Our online high school education fits into your life instead of the other way around. Access online classes when and where you want, study at your pace, and take tests when you're ready. There's never any pressure. We're here to help, so while you study independent, academic support always just a call or click away.

Career Services Centered

As an ABHS graduate, our Career Services department will assist all graduates in gaining valuable job search and placement skills. Our career services representatives coach graduates through resume development, phone interviews and personal interviews. Representatives may offer workshops to service a larger number of graduates or provide one-on-one education based on the setting. In addition, these departments often provide graduates with access to a library that houses valuable job-development information. This life time option will be available to all of our proud ABHS graduates.

College Advising Centered

ABHS’s College Advising office works to build a college readiness program that educates graduates about applying to schools, completing financial aid forms, researching and completing scholarships, choosing courses, self-advocating on campus and finding academic and social supports. This department also assists with academic advising. Most of all, this department works enthusiastically and diligently to support ABHS' mission of making college an achievable and realist goal for all graduates. This lifetime option is only for students graduating with the transcript.

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