Dynamic Community / Partnerships

Become A Part Of Our Dynamic Community

Shared online learning adds a new dimension to your educational experience. Increasingly, educators see the online experience as the better path. Our Community brings together different people from all types of circumstances, such as current and future students, alumni, parents, and members of the military. ABHS’s proud community is leading the space for online student communication.

Join Faculty Students And Alumni Helping Each Other

ABHS’s supportive, award-winning, online Community will be there for you 24/7. You’ll join a helpful and connected group of people, who, just like you, are working toward a better future. It’s a place to ask questions about your online classes, to share answers and to just be yourself. Think of it as your virtual campus.

Join A Discussion Group With People Who Share Your Interests

Start a discussion about your favorite hobby, congratulate a fellow student, or share your ABHS story and experiences. It’s all here on our Social Forums space on the Community.

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