This varies for each student. It will depend on factors such as possible transfer credit and time management skills.

Yes! Our academic department is available via phone and email to assist with mapping out your approach to completing your diploma. Your enrollment also includes unlimited tutoring.

Yes! A state of Florida standard high school diploma is accepted for employment and at colleges/universities throughout the United States. Our career services and college advising departments are well equipped with working with employers and colleges/universities outside the state of Florida.

Possibly not. Provide us with your high school transcript for review. You may be eligible to receive credit for classes that you have completed. This would significantly shorten your program with us.

Technically "yes". If you are under 18, I would consult with your parents/guardians before making a major decision. Ambrose Bay High School is an alternative private high school. We cater mostly to adults 18 and older that did not complete their high school diploma for various reasons.

No. We are an accredited, registered private high school in the state of Florida. You can find the common characteristics of a diploma mill here. We have none of the characteristics of a diploma mill. We have engaged teachers, career services, college advisors, and free tutoring. Students work for their grades and we never offer life experience credit.

Yes you can. Most U.S colleges and universities require a High School diploma from an accredited U.S. High School. It is up to the student to check with the college or university admission policies and specific requirements.
Please contact us via phone or email with any additional questions. It is our pleasure to assist you through this process!

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