College Prep Standard High School Diploma


This high school diploma is typically completed over the course of one to six months. The diploma is awarded by the completion of Subject Tests in the core areas of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Fine Arts and Physical Education and required Core Classes. Student must have satisfactory scores (70%) on all Subject Tests and Core Classes. This diploma consists of 24 credits (in accordance with Florida Statues 1003.4282). Each student will have to complete four Core Classes before they are able to take each Subject Tests of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and English Language Arts. Students will also have to complete two Core Classes before they are able to take each Subject Tests of Fine Arts and Physical Education. Lastly, they will complete four additional Elective Core Classes to complete the required 24 credits. All Core Classes will be graded, which will consist of the student’s transcript. Students are potentially able to be exempt from Core Classes if they can provide transcripts from their high school. We can also assist in recovering their high school transcripts.

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Fully Accredited High School Diploma Program

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